​…is a professional development course for everybody working with people ​or willing to know better their ​inner potentials.

Bodylanguage is a key to success in business, art, and social relations. In communication process 55% of the information is transferred through body-language, 38% through vocal channel and only 7% by words. This means body is playing a crucial role in communication.

This course ran by Helena Ehrenbusch and Ulrike Jäger will give you the understanding of bodily signals, new perspective to self-presentation, and tools to incorporate greater awareness and somatic understanding in your set goals in creative and safe environment.
Using body language as a tool can be a profit for organisations in personal leadership, solving problems and leading negotiations. Self-conscious employees can serve clients better through conscious decisions and integrity.

In the course we think of the questions:

  • What does our bodies say about us?
  • How to understand body language?
  • How to send out positive messages?
  • How to reflect on the gap between what
  • we feel and wish to express and what is needed to say?
  • How to make a favourable impression?

Self-Presentation Bodywork course offers:

  • creative self-expression
  • understanding how other people perceive us
  • exercises to bring the best out of ourselves
  • reflection for raising self-awareness

Variety of themes covered in the course:

  • Body (awareness) work
  • Authentic body
  • Non-verbal messages
  • Giving and taking feedback
  • Taking time

Helena Ehrenbusch (Estonia), psychologist/trainer/supervisor/coach and dance artist.
Ulrike Jäger (Germany) trainer and clown/circus artist.